The Suburban Team - Mark Allen Realty

Dave LoSavio

Dave is a 25 year salesperson turned real estate entrepreneur and personal growth enthusiast. Living in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago his whole life, Dave has built a valuable network by serving the community, its residents, and local businesses. He coined the term LIVE BEYOND DEFAULT - which means to choose a life of design vs. neglect. He applies the LIVE BEYOND DEFAULT theory to his Real Estate Clients and the home buying process.

Dave resides in Downtown Arlington Heights and enjoys yoga, reading, listening to House Music, and personal development. Dave & Joe met at a coffee shop in 2016, and have continually held each other accountable to be better in their business and family life. In the fall of 2020 Dave was asked by Joe to join The Suburban Team - Co Creating a partnership that serves clients with integrity & purpose in the Real Estate Marketplace.

Joe Kersjes

Joe quit his corporate job in 2012 after learning twins were on the way. He had always wanted to start a business and decided to go for it - he got a lot of, “your crazy, why quit your job?, you have babies on the way!"

Four kids later and it was the best decision Joe made (aside from marriage and kids :) Joe has been recognized as a Top 1% Producer in the Chicago Association of REALTORS, certified as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), and is an active real estate investor. Joe sees business as an opportunity to serve others, collaborate, and as a platform to give back.

Joe started The Suburban Team to bring Mark Allen Realty’s preeminent real estate services to the suburbs. The Suburban Team has a simple goal… solve problems for our clients. This looks different for everyone and may include listing their home, buying their home directly (no repairs, no closing costs, or showings required), helping them find a new home, underwriting real estate investment opportunities, and consulting.